Slow Getting Up: A Story of NFL Survival from the Bottom of the Pile

Harper Perennial - Through his story recounted here—from scouting combines to preseason cuts to byzantine film studies to glorious touchdown catches—even knowledgeable football fans will glean a new, starkly humanized understanding of the NFL's workweek. Fast-paced, dirty, and hilariously unvarnished, lyrical, Slow Getting Up is an unforgettable look at the real lives of America's best athletes putting their bodies and minds through hell.

One man's odyssey into the brutal hive of the national football leagueAs an unsigned free agent who rose through the practice squad to the starting lineup of the Denver Broncos, Nate Jackson took the path of thousands of unknowns before him to carve out a professional football career twice as long as the average player.

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NFL Confidential: True Confessions from the Gutter of Football

Dey Street Books - That’s right. I’m going to be honest. Johnny anonymous' life goal was to be nothing greater or less than the Best NFL Back-Up of All Time™. A current pro player takes fans on a pseudonymous trip through one of the most infamous years of football—the very long, often controversial 2013-2014 season—sharing raucous, behind-the-scenes, sometimes funny, on-the-field, and in-the-locker-room truth about life in the National Football League.

Well, to hell with being safe. But early in his third year, a starting lineman is injured, and he suddenly finds himself on the field. For most players, this moment is a dream come true. For two years, he was content earning hundreds of thousands of dollars to stand on the sidelines doing absolutely nothing.

NFL Confidential: True Confessions from the Gutter of Football - He hates what it does to his body, his brain, his life. Luckily, he can see the humor in his own situation, but also in the machinations of the NFL. Part truth-telling narrative, nfl confidential gives football fans a look at a world most would give anything to see, part hilarious, part whip-smart commentary that only a true insider could bring, and gives non-fans a wild ride through the strange, and sometimes disturbing customs and realities of football today.

Johnny Anonymous hates football. Here is a truly unaffiliated look at the nation’s biggest, most lucrative pastime over the course of one of its most transformative seasons. From hard-to-stomach diets, the racial issues that still exist in modern-day football, shenanigans in the locker room, the rock-star lifestyle that players find themselves able to afford and sometimes enjoy a little too much, showdowns in the weight room, the looming dread of being cut from the team, the notion of being lauded in a league plagued by controversy and the sharp contrast between the love/hate of the game and the reality of the job, Johnny reveals a never-before-seen side of the NFL.

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After the Cheering Stops: An NFL Wife’s Story of Concussions, Loss, and the Faith that Saw Her Through

Thomas Nelson - Helmet-to-helmet collisions opened the door to CTE and transformed him from a sunny, strong, and loving man into a dark shadow of his former self. Grant died on july 15, at the age of 52, 2012, the victim of alcohol abuse and a degenerative brain disease known as chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE.

Cyndy feasel watched their life together become a living hell as alcohol became Grant’s medication for a disease rooted in the scores of concussions he suffered on the football field. The skull-battering, jaw-shaking collisions he absorbed during those years ultimately destroyed his marriage and fractured his family.

After the Cheering Stops: An NFL Wife’s Story of Concussions, Loss, and the Faith that Saw Her Through - A powerful tale of warning for football moms and NFL wives everywhere, After the Cheering Stops is also a story of the hard-won hope found in God’s presence when everything else falls apart. Former nfl wife cyndy feasel tells the tragic story of her family’s journey into chaos and darkness resulting from the damage her husband suffered due to football-related concussions and head trauma—and the faith that saved her.

If i’d only known what i loved the most would end up killing me and taking away everything I loved, I would have never done it. Grant feaselgrant feasel spent ten years in the NFL, playing 117 games as a center and a long snapper mostly for the Seattle Seahawks. In this raw and emotional memoir that takes a closer look at the destruction wrought by a game millions love, Cyndy describes in painful and excruciating detail what can happen to an NFL player and his family when the stadium empties and the lights go down.

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All the Rage: The Life of an NFL Renegade

Andrews McMeel Publishing - The defensive end for the dallas cowboys--the only player to win five Super Bowl rings--discusses the NFL, the teams he has played on, and his fellow players.

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- Millions watch it. Billions are spent on it. The spirit that tells them they can do it, as long as they aren't afraid to dream. Now an eight-year veteran of the game and a rising sports media superstar reveals—for the first time—the pathos, the horror, the abuses, and the wonder of the sport they call professional football.

In professional football, there is a price and it must be paid. Most of all, you'll soar with the spirit that no corruption can ever kill. The spirit that lives in school teams and sandlot games, and inspires kids to get up, over and over again. Unreported things happen during the season when the player is on the field—and on the sidelines and in the locker rooms.

THE DARK SIDE OF THE GAME - And no one knows it better than tim green, a featured color analyst for Fox Sports, former defensive end for the Atlanta Falcons, and National Public Radio's weekly NFL commentator. The dazzling deion Sanders, Steve Young, the game's most dangerous player. All of it takes its toll on the human body and spirit.

But there's a dark side to that dream. Fame and fortune, satisfaction, and thrills define the dream of playing in the NFL. The sport's most outspoken former coach, Jerry Glanville.

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God, If You're Not Up There, I'm F*cked: Tales of Stand-Up, Saturday Night Live, and Other Mind-Altering Mayhem

Harper - Minglingbehind-the-scenes stories from television’s best-loved comedy series with adark look inside a world-class funnyman, a love of comedy, I’m F*cked is a book sure to resonate with anyonewho shares a talent for performance, God If You’re Not Up There, or a desire to know howan artist can climb from the deepest despair to the very top of his profession.

By turns poignant and hilarious, where he was the show’slongest-tenured cast member, Hammond takes readersfrom the set of Saturday Night Live, to the drug-ridden streets of Harlem and into thetwisting corridors of his own unflaggingly humorous consciousness. Tina fey’s bossypantsmeets david carr’s the night of the gun in darrell Hammond’sgroundbreaking memoir, God, If You’re Not Up There, I’m F*cked—a raw look inside the troubled life and mind of anAmerican comic genius.

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Street Freak: Money and Madness at Lehman Brothers

Touchstone - Dillian rose from green associate, checking ids at the entrance to the trading floor in the paranoid days following 9/11, to become an integral part of Lehman’s culture in its final years as the firm’s head Exchange-Traded Fund ETF trader. But he was scrappy and determined; in interviews he told potential managers that “Nobody can work harder than me.

In his electrifying and fresh voice, Dillian takes readers on a wild ride through madness and back. More than $1 trillion in wealth passed through his hands, yet the extreme highs and lows of the trading floor masked and exacerbated the symptoms of Dillian’s undiagnosed bipolar and obsessive-compulsive disorders, leading to a downward spiral that nearly ended his life.

Street Freak: Money and Madness at Lehman Brothers - I am insane. As it turned out, at Lehman Brothers insanity was not an undesirable quality. Like michael lewis’s classic liar’s poker, jared dillian’s street Freak takes us behind the scenes of the legendary Lehman Brothers, exposing its outrageous and often hilarious corporate culture and offering a “candid look at the demise of a corporate behemoth” Publishers Weekly.

In the ultracompetitive ivy league world of Wall Street, Jared Dillian was an outsider as an ex-military, working-class guy in a Men’s Wearhouse suit. Nobody is willing to put in the hours I will put in.

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Wolf Boys: Two American Teenagers and Mexico's Most Dangerous Drug Cartel

Simon & Schuster - As the cartel wars spill over the border, Gabriel and his crew are sent to the States to work. In wolf boys, slater takes readers on a harrowing, often brutal journey into the heart of the Mexican drug trade. At first glance, gabriel is the poster-boy American teenager: athletic, bright, handsome, and charismatic.

Detective robert garcia’s pursuit of the boys puts him face-to-face with the urgent consequences and new security threats of a drug war he sees as unwinnable. Ultimately though, wolf Boys is the intimate story of the lobos: teens turned into pawns for the cartels. It isn’t long before gabriel abandons his promising future for the allure of juvenile crime, which leads him across the river to Mexico’s most dangerous drug cartel: Los Zetas.

Wolf Boys: Two American Teenagers and Mexico's Most Dangerous Drug Cartel - Friends from his childhood join him and eventually they catch the eye of the cartel’s leadership. But in texas, the teen hit men encounter a Mexican-born homicide detective determined to keep cartel violence out of his adopted country. The tale of two american teenagers recruited as killers for a Mexican cartel, and the Mexican-American detective who realizes the War on Drugs is unstoppable.

A nonfiction thriller, it reads with the emotional clarity of a great novel, yet offers its revelations through extraordinary reporting. A hell of a story…undeniably gripping. The new york timesin this astonishing story, journalist Dan Slater recounts the unforgettable odyssey of Gabriel Cardona.

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We All Scream: The Fall of the Gifford's Ice Cream Empire

Santa Fe Writer's Project - As the last gifford heir unfolds his story with remarkable immediacy and candor, he reveals the byzantine betrayals and intrigue rooted in the company from its modest beginnings—dark influences that would ultimately destroy the legendary Gifford business and its troubled founding family. Few knew the dark truth.

. For more than 70 years, gifford's ice Cream and Candy Company was associated with nothing but pleasure for native Washingtonians and visitors to the nation's capital. Behind the iconic business's happy facade lay elaborate schemes, two million dollars of missing cash, a crushing bankruptcy, and a tragic suicide.

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Camelot's Court: Inside the Kennedy White House

Harper - The result, camelot's court: inside the kennedy White House, is a striking portrait of a leader whose wise resistance to pressure and adherence to principle offers a cautionary tale for our own time. Yet the very traits these men shared also created sharp divisions. Kennedy’s assassination, whom the new york times calls “kennedy’s leading biographer, personality clashes, presidential historian Robert Dallek, ” delivers a riveting new portrait of this president and his inner circle of advisors—their rivalries, and political battles.

Far from being unified, this was an uneasy band of rivals whose ambitions and clashing beliefs ignited fiery internal debates. Robert dallek illuminates a president deeply determined to surround himself with the best and the brightest, who often found himself disappointed with their recommendations. In camelot’s court, civil rights, dallek analyzes the brain trust whose contributions to the successes and failures of Kennedy’s administration—including the Bay of Pigs, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and Vietnam—were indelible.

Camelot's Court: Inside the Kennedy White House - Kennedy purposefully put together a dynamic team of advisors noted for their brilliance and acumen, Secretary of State Dean Rusk, National Security Advisor McGeorge Bundy, Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara, including Attorney General Robert Kennedy, and trusted aides Ted Sorensen and Arthur Schlesinger.

Fifty years after John F.

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Fantasy Man: A Former NFL Player's Descent into the Brutality of Fantasy Football

Harper - The new york times bestselling author of Slow Getting Up chronicles his descent into the madness of early retirement and fantasy football. Bed-ridden by a recent surgery to remove bone fragments in his ankle, one of the millions of leagues captivating America through modern fantasy football, he’s trying to defend his title as top dog in Bunny 5-Ball, boosted by ESPN and Yahoo!, the interactive human poker game started by rotisserie leagues, and now elevated to that rarefied world of vaguely-legal Internet gambling by FanDuel and DraftKings.

Com. Now, in fantasy Man, he’s flat on his back. Six years have passed since the former denver broncos tight end wore a helmet, and every day he drifts further from the NFL Guy, the sanctioned-violence guy, the psychopath who ran head first into other psychos for money. But nate hasn’t quite left the game.

Fantasy Man: A Former NFL Player's Descent into the Brutality of Fantasy Football - In slow getting up—hailed by rolling Stone as "the best football memoir of all time"—Nate Jackson told his story face down on the field. It’s worse. Exploring the fantasy—and the reality—of professional football after you’ve left the field,  Fantasy Man is as funny, self-deprecating, and shockingly honest as Slow Getting Up.

. And this time it isn’t a 300-pound wall of flesh rushing to crunch his spine.

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