Fools and Mortals: A Novel

Harper - Showcasing the superb storytelling skill that has won Bernard Cornwell international renown,  Fools and Mortals is a richly portrayed tour de force that brings to life a vivid world of intricate stagecraft, fierce competition, and consuming ambition. As william’s star rises, Richard’s onetime gratitude is souring and he is sorely tempted to abandon family loyalty.

So when a priceless manuscript goes missing, suspicion falls upon Richard, forcing him onto a perilous path through a bawdy and frequently brutal London. Entangled in a high-stakes game of duplicity and betrayal which threatens not only his career and potential fortune, but also the lives of his fellow players, Richard has to call on all he has now learned from the brightest stages and the darkest alleyways of the city.

Fools and Mortals: A Novel - To avoid the gallows, he must play the part of a lifetime. But he is a penniless actor, making ends meet through a combination of a beautiful face, petty theft and a silver tongue. New york times bestselling author bernard cornwell makes a dramatic departure with this enthralling, action-packed standalone novel that tells the story of the first production of A Midsummer Night's Dream—as related by William Shakespeare’s estranged younger brother.

Lord, what fools these mortals be. In the heart of elizabethan england, a world dominated by his older brother, Richard Shakespeare dreams of a glittering career in one of the London playhouses, William.

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War of the Wolf: A Novel Saxon Tales Book 11

Harper - Uhtred, believing he is cursed, must fend off one enemy while he tries to destroy the other. Bernard cornwell’s epic story of the making of england continues in this eleventh installment in the bestselling Saxon Tales series—"like Game of Thrones, but real" The Observer—the basis of the hit Netflix television series The Last Kingdom.

His blood is saxonhis heart is vikinghis battleground is England"Perhaps the greatest writer of historical adventure novels today" Washington Post, Bernard Cornwell has dazzled and entertained readers and critics with his page-turning bestsellers. And the new foe is sköll, whose ambition is to be King of Northumbria and who leads a frightening army of wolf-warriors, a Norseman, men who fight half-crazed in the belief that they are indeed wolves.

War of the Wolf: A Novel Saxon Tales Book 11 - In this new chapter of the saxon tales series—a rousing adventure of courage, majesty, devotion, duty, love and battle, treachery, as seen through the eyes of a warrior straddling two worlds—Uhtred returns to fight once again for the destiny of England. Of all his protagonists, however, none is as beloved as Uhtred of Bebbanburg.

And while uhtred might have regained his family’s fortress, it seems that a peaceful life is not to be – as he is under threat from both an old enemy and a new foe. The old enemy comes from Wessex where a dynastic struggle will determine who will be the next king.

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The Archer's Tale The Grail Quest, Book 1: Book One of the Grail Quest

HarperCollins e-books - On this terrible dawn, a journey that leads him to the courageous rescue of a beautiful French woman, his purpose becomes clear—to recover a stolen sacred relic and pursue to the ends of the earth the murderous black-clad knight bearing a blue-and-yellow standard, and sets him on his ultimate quest: the search for the Holy Grail.

From new york times bestselling author bernard cornwell, a fearless archer, the first book in the Grail Series—the spellbinding tale of a young man, who sets out wanting to avenge his family's honor and winds up on a quest for the Holy Grail. A brutal raid on the quiet coastal English village of Hookton in 1342 leaves but one survivor: a young archer named Thomas.

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Scoundrel: A Novel of Suspense The Sailing Thrillers Book 1

HarperCollins e-books - A gifted storyteller and orchestrator of suspense. Philadelphia inquirer“bernard Cornwell is to the yachting adventure novel what ex-jockey Dick Francis is to the racetrack thriller. Orlando sentinelthe new york times bestselling author of the fort, Bernard Cornwell has been called, and the immensely popular Richard Sharpe novels, the Saxon Tales, “perhaps the greatest writer of historical adventure novels today” Washington Post.

He demonstrates another side of his extraordinary storytelling talents with Scoundrel, a contemporary tale of excitement and danger on high and treacherous seas. A gripping tale of an outlaw yacht captain who decides to cross the irish republican Army for a $5 million payday only to find himself pursued by intelligence agents, and killers across perilous open waters, terrorists, Scoundrel is a masterful thriller in the Tom Clancy vein—a masterwork of suspense from one of today’s most versatile and accomplished popular novelists.

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John the Pupil: A Novel

Harper - But the pilgrimage is a guise to deliver scientific instruments and Bacon’s great opus to His Holiness, Pope Clement IV. In 1267 bacon arranges for his young pupil to embark on a journey of penitence to Italy. A hugely enjoyable read. The times London. A superbly written and intellectually stimulating novel.

The independent londonsince he was a young boy, an inventor, John has studied at the Franciscan monastery outside Oxford, under the tutelage of friar and magus Roger Bacon, scientist, and polymath. In addition to fighting off ambushes from thieves hungry for the thing of power they are carrying, pride, the holy trio is tried and tempted by all sorts of sins: ambition, lust—and by the sheer hell and heaven of medieval life.

John the Pupil: A Novel - Astonishing. Booklist starred review“Strikingly original. Two companions will accompany John, both Franciscan novices: the handsome, sweet-tempered Brother Andrew; and the brutish Brother Bernard. John the pupil is a road movie, recounting the journey taken from Oxford to Viterbo by John and his two companions.

. Modeling themselves after Saint Francis, the men trek by foot through Europe, preaching the gospel and begging for sustenance.

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The Raven in the Foregate The Chronicles of Brother Cadfael Book 12 Road - The housekeeper’s nephew, benet, is quite different—a smiling lad, as Brother Cadfael soon discovers, a hard worker in Cadfael’s herb garden, but, an impostor. And when ailnoth is found drowned, suspicion falls on Benet, though many in the Foregate had cause to want this priest dead. Now brother cadfael is gathering clues along with his medicinals to treat a case of unholy passions, tragic politics, and perhaps divine intervention.

Father ailnoth brings with him a housekeeper and her nephew—and a disposition that invites murder. Brother cadfael quickly sees that father Ailnoth is a harsh man who, striding along in his black cassock, looks like a doomsaying raven. When a harsh priest is drowned, including a young man who isn’t who he claims to beIn a mild December in the year of our Lord 1141, Brother Cadfael discovers a long list of suspects, a new priest comes to the parishioners of the Foregate outside the Abbey of Saint Peter and Saint Paul.

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Jane and the Man of the Cloth: Being the Second Jane Austen Mystery Being a Jane Austen Mystery Book 2

Crimeline - What murky secrets does the brooding Mr. Geoffrey Sidmouth. Even if the evidence points to the last person on earth she wants to suspect. Sidmouth seek to hide? jane suspects the worst—but her attention is swiftly diverted when a man is discovered hanged from a makeshift gibbet by the sea. Now, it falls to Jane to entrap and expose the notorious Reverend.

The worthies of lyme are certain his death is the work of “the Reverend, ” the ringleader of the midnight smuggling trade whose identity is the town's paramount mystery. The second tantalizing mystery in a new series that transforms the beloved author into a dazzling sleuth! Jane and her family are looking forward to a peaceful holiday in the seaside village of Lyme Regis.

Jane and the Man of the Cloth: Being the Second Jane Austen Mystery Being a Jane Austen Mystery Book 2 - . A man who already may have won her heart. Yet on the outskirts of town an overturned carriage forces the shaken travelers to take refuge at a nearby manor house. For everyone who loves Jane Austen. And it is there that Jane meets the darkly forbidding yet strangely attractive Mr.

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The Modigliani Scandal: A Novel

Penguin Books - A high-speed, high-stakes thriller from Ken Follett, the grand master of international action and suspense. Look out for ken's newest book,  A Column of Fire, available now. A fabulous "lost masterpiece" becomes the ultimate prize—for an art historian whose ambition consumes everyone around her, an angry young painter with a plan for revenge on the art establishment, and a desperate gallery owner who may have double-crossed his own life away.

. Behind the elegance and glamour of the art world, anything goes—theft, forgery, betrayal, and maybe even murder.

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Cathedral of the Sea: A Novel

Berkley - But when he is betrayed and hauled before the Inquisitor, he finds himself face-to-face with Joanet. With time, arnau prospers and falls secretly in love with a forbidden woman. Will he lose his life just as his beloved cathedral of the sea is finally completed, or will his brother save him? MORE THAN TWO MILLION COPIES SOLD WORLDWIDE!

An unforgettable fresco of a golden age in fourteenth-century Barcelona, plague and hope, Cathedral of the Sea is a thrilling historical novel of friendship and revenge, love and war. As a young man, arnau joins the powerful guild of stoneworkers and helps to build the church with his own hands, while his best friend and adopted brother Joanet studies to become a priest.

Cathedral of the Sea: A Novel - Arnau estanyol arrives in barcelona to find a city dominated by the construction of the city’s great pride—the cathedral of Santa Maria del Mar—and by its shame, the deadly Inquisition.

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The Lost Book of the Grail: A Novel

Penguin Books - Bethany soon joins arthur in a quest to find the lost Book of Ewolda, the ancient manuscript telling the story of the cathedral’s founder. But when a beautiful young american named Bethany Davis arrives in Barchester charged with the task of digitizing the library’s manuscripts, Arthur’s tranquility is broken.

At once funny, heartwarming, and every kind of book-lover, and suspenseful,  The Lost Book of the Grail has something for every kind of reader, alike. Bustle. His one respite is his time spent nestled in the library, nurturing his secret obsession with the Holy Grail and researching his perennially unfinished guidebook to the medieval cathedral.

Increasingly, he feels like a fish out of water among the concrete buildings of the University of Barchester, where he works as an English professor. And when the future of the cathedral itself is threatened, about the Grail, Arthur and Bethany’s search takes on grave importance, leading the pair to discover secrets about the cathedral, and about themselves.

Lovett's unique work combines literary and historical research with classic elements of cozy mysteries, classic love stories, and exciting adventure tales to create a true genre-blending masterpiece. Appalled by the threat modern technology poses to the library he loves, he sets out to thwart Bethany, only to find in her a kindred spirit with a similar love for knowledge and books—and a fellow Grail fanatic.

The Lost Book of the Grail: A Novel - From the new york times bestselling author of the bookman’s tale comes a new novel about an obsessive bibliophile’s quest through time to discover a missing manuscript, the unknown history of an English Cathedral, and the secret of the Holy Grail Arthur Prescott is happiest when surrounded by the ancient books and manuscripts of the Barchester Cathedral library.

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The Bedlam Detective: A Novel

Crown - Becker must determine whether this mad nobleman is insane and possibly a murderer, or if something more sinister is at work. From dank asylums to the lush and treacherous amazon, Sebastian Becker’s search for answers brings him face to face with madmen and monsters, through the makeshift studios of the early film industry and a traveling fair of freaks and illusions, both imagined and real.

It is not the first time that children have come to harm in his rural countryside town, though few are willing to speak of incidents from the past. Madmen may see monsters – but some monsters hide in plain sight From a basement office in London’s notorious Bethlehem Hospital, former policeman and Pinkerton agent, Sebastian Becker investigates those whose dubious mental health may render them unfit to manage their own affairs.

The Bedlam Detective: A Novel - When becker is sent to interview wealthy landowner Sir Owain Lancaster, he claims that the same dark creatures who killed his family and colleagues in the Amazon have followed him home and are responsible for the deaths of two local young girls.

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